Stepan Legachev. Photo by Sergey Korobov

Greetings to you!

My name is Stepan Legachev.

I am an independent web-developer. I love js (with and without node), java, php, sql (my and postgre’s), lesscss, and some other strange words like Yii, Twig, AngularJS, ExtJS or Zend Framework.

Besides I have a great experience in graphic design, mostly specializing in print production.

Call me: +7 (964) 113-1453

Telegram me, or add me in whatsapp or viber via the number above.

Write me:

I’m living in Irkutsk, RussiaRU

My native is russian, but I can speak english as well.

My main hobby is photography.
Have a look at my 500px500px profile.

I have a place for my travel photos too, don’t hesitate to discover.

Also I have in english and in russian.

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